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My Projects

My very first software that was released in 2017 was called PC Optimizer and consisted of a batch script converted to .EXE that had to optimize PCs through some operations and with a graphical interface principle. I released a first version on a stick with a license verification system that required the insertion of a code. The project was to be shared only with friends and family. I still keep his files to this day

I started in 2012 by using a computer. In 2016 i started the first OS editing and technical stuff and in 2019 i started programming and there we are

In early 2020 I got interested in developing Android apps and with a friend we started building apps. I had done the programming part, and he will top it off with some graphic resources. After developing some simple 2D games, I came up with the idea of ​​creating an Unofficial Personal Area app of an Italian operator, which however does not have it. It was released on April 12, 2020 and quickly reached 20,000 installs in days and 30,000 weeks later. I started monetizing. Unfortunately, in August 2020 the app was removed from Google due to the terms update that did not allow this type of app. Subsequently, I decided to temporarily stop my career as an app developer. In autumn 2020 I didn't work on anything else but I did some experiments on my current technologies

During 2021 I have to experiment with some technologies related to the development of 2D and 3D games from January to July. Finally, after designing some internal prototypes, I didn't release anything but to release something anyway, I released the Empty Character app on the Google Play Store on the new developer account. During the fall of 2021, I spent most of my time in crypto currencies and related stuff and worked on an online multiplayer gaming platform with the same friend but the project failed. To end at the beginning of 2022 i worked on a simple app for a friend but i don't define it as a project. In June 2022 I also took a school exam and I have been quite busy

After making this "journey" in the world of programming and tech, I decided to go back to developing apps and in particular games at least for now.
In the fall of 2022, I decided to start developing a game prototype that I plan to release in spring 2024 but i still not sure if completely release it because for now (March 2023) this project is still a prototype. More information soon on the blog/channel

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Well I know this site is very simple for many reasons among which I don't need a site full of stunning animations and also I want to make the user experience as stable as possible and therefore I prefer to have a similar style. If you are interested in knowing how the site works behind the scenes with GitHub and GitHub Pages, you can study it and contribute without problems. Thank you

Ok, but the actual projects?

Oh Yes, the actual projects. So, currently there are no special apps, websites, platforms or tools but somethings is still available at the moment (March 2023). You can find some random tools on my GitHub Profile but, the biggest project i am mantaning is probably Empty Character (A tool with an app and a website)

Who I am?

My name is Luca Zani, I am an Italian programmer and a student born in 2008. I have always been very passionate about programming and also about music.
I started using a computer in 2012 using a Computer with Windows 7

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